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Self Assessment Tax Returns

You have to send a Self Assessment tax return to HMRC if you have taxable income in excess of £150,000, or if you work for yourself, or if you have other sources of untaxed income.

You may also have to send a Self Assessment tax return if you:

  • made a profit when selling (or ‘disposing of’) certain assets, e.g. shares or a second home
  • have to pay UK tax on foreign income, e.g. savings in an overseas bank account, rent on a property you let out or an overseas pension – this depends if you’re tax resident in the UK and your domicile status
  • exceed your annual pension allowance or tapered pension allowance
  • receive (or your partner receives) child benefit payments and your annual income exceeds £60,000
  • want to claim overseas workday relief
  • want to claim the remittance basis of taxation
  • want to state your non-resident status or claim split year treatment for tax residence purposes
  • want to make a treaty claim
  • want to make a foreign tax credit claim
  • want to claim a refund of overpaid tax

ExpatMatters can provide a complete tax return service for a fixed fee. This includes the preparation and filing of the tax return together with any liaison required with both yourself and HMRC in connection with the tax return. Our liaison is not just restricted to collating the information for the tax return, but may also include establishing your tax residence status, advising on the filing basis (for a non-domiciled individual), obtaining tax reference numbers from HMRC, updating tax codes with HMRC etc. We will work with you to prepare an accurate tax return, claiming appropriate tax reliefs, making necessary disclosures and optimising your final tax position.

We use market leading tax return software which is updated each year for all legislative tax changes. In addition, our processes and procedures comply will all general data protection regulations.